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Wire & Cable Products

Below is a list of all of our Wire & Cable products. To request a quote click on the link for the product you are interested in and then click on the product number to add it to your RFQ.

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Part Number  
AWG Size  
No. of Conds  
UL Style  
RG Type  
No. of Pairs  
Mil-Spec No  

  THHN - 2   bullet ACSR Service Drop
  XHHW - 2 Building Wire     Duplex
  RHH / RHW - 2 XLP/USE-2     Triplex
  Secondary UD     Quadruplex
  Armored Cable      
  Aluminum Interlocked Control Cable 600   bullet Continuous Corrugated Weld Power Cable
        Unshielded, 600V
bullet Aluminum Interlocked Power Cable     Unshielded, 5KV
  Unshielded, 600V, XHHW/PVC, 3 cond.     Shielded, 5/8KV
  Unshielded, 600V, XHHW/PVC, 4 cond.     Shielded, 15KV
  Unshielded, 5KV, XLP/PVC      
  Unshielded, 5KV, EPR/PVC   bullet Teck-90 Control Cable
  Shielded, 5KV, XLP/PVC     Multi Conductor 14AWG
  Shielded, 5KV, EPR/PVC     Multi Conductor 12-10 AWG
  Shielded, 15KV, XLP/PVC     Three Conductor 1000V
  Shielded, 15KV, EPR/PVC     Three Conductor Unshielded, 5KV
        Three Conductor, Shielded 15KV
bullet Continuous Corrugated Weld Control Cable      
  Unshielded, 600V      
  Bare Copper      
  Solid Bare Copper     Coated Flat Braid
  Stranded Bare Copper     Jacketed Grounding Wire
  Bus Bar Wire      
  Building Wire      
  THW     XLP Use-2
  TF & TFF     FR-EPR Use-2
  TFN & TFFN     EPR/CSPE Use-2
  Twisted TFN, TFFN & THHN     Weatherproof Line Wire
  THHN / THWN     Cathodic Protection Cable
  MTW Machine Tool Wire     UF and NMC-B
  XHHW-2     NMC-B
  Hospital Grade XHHW-2     SEU
  XHHW Class 1E Nuclear     Thermostat Wire
  Coaxial Cables      
bullet Coaxial Cables     Twinaxial Cable
  RG6 & RG8     Triaxial Cable
  RG11 & RG58     Miniature Coaxial Cable
  RG58 & RG59      
  RG62 thru RG178      
  RG179 thru RG400      
  Electronic Cable      
bullet Multi Conductor Unshielded PVC/PVC   bullet Paired Overall Foil Shield
  24 AWG     PE/PVC
  20 - 18 AWG     PP/PVC
  16 - 12 AWG      
  22 - 19 AWG Solid   bullet PVC/PVC
        24 AWG
Multi Conductor Overall Foil Shield     22 AWG
  PE/PVC     22 AWG Solid
      bullet Paired Unshielded PVC/PVC
bullet PVC/PVC     22 AWG Solid
  18 AWG     22 AWG
  24 AWG     18 AWG
  22 AWG      
  20 AWG   bullet Multi Paired Overall Foil & Braid Shield
  18 - 16 AWG     PE/PVC
bullet Mult Conductor Overall Foil & Braid Shield      
  28 - 24 AWG   bullet PVC/PVC
  22 AWG     24 AWG
  20 AWG     22 AWG
  Low Capacitance 28 - 24 AWG      
      bullet Multi Paired Individual Foil Shield PP/PVC
bullet Multi Conductor Overall Braid Shield     24 - 22 AWG
  PVC/PVC     20 - 18 AWG
  PE/PVC     22 AWG
  Rubber/Rubber     FPP/PVC
  Multi Conductor Overall Spiral Shield PVC/PVC     Multi Paired Individual & Overall Foil Shield
  Speaker Wire     PP/PVC
        Multi Paired Low Capacitance Individual Foil &
bullet Multi Paired Low Capacitance Overall Foil     Overall Braid Shield FPP/PVC
  & Braid Shield FPP/PVC     Multi Paired Low Capacitance Individual &
  28 AWG     Overall Foil Shield & Overall Braid Shield
  24 AWG     FPE/PVC
  Fiber Optics      
bullet Premise Distribution   bullet Loose Tube Indoor/Outdoor
  Riser Rated     Gel-Filled Riser
  Plenum Rated     Gel-Filled Zero Halogen
        Gel-Filled Plenum
  Indoor Tight Buffer      
      bullet Loose Tube Outdoor
  Heavy Duty Tight Buffer     Gel-Filled Direct Burial
        Gel-Filled Armored
  Fire Alarm      
  Parallel Zip Cord FPLR   bullet NPLF Non-Plenum
bullet FPLR Non-Plenum     Shielded
  Shielded   bullet FPLP Plenum
  High Temperature      
  Appliance & Fixture Wire 150°C SR   bullet FEP Teflon® Control Cable 200°C
        18 - 16 AWG
bullet Motor Lead     14 - 12 AWG
  150°C SRML      
  200°C SRML   bullet Apparatus & Lead Wire 250°C
  200°C SRML-K     TKGT
  200°C SRGK     TGGT
bullet SKS Soaking Pit 200°C     Lead Wire MG 450°C
  Armored Control Cable      
  Power Cable      
  High Voltage Cable      
  5KV XLP Unjacketed   bullet 15KV XLP/PVC
        Single Conductor
bullet 5KV XLP/PVC     Three Conductor
  Unshielded, Single Conductor      
  Shielded, Single Conductor   bullet 15KV EPR/PVC
  Unshielded, Three Conductor     Single Conductor
  Shielded, Three Conductor     Three Conductor
bullet 5KV EPR/PVC     15KV EPR/CPE UniShield
  Unshielded, Single Conductor     15KV XLP/LDPE URD
  Shielded, Single Conductor      
  Unshielded, Three Conductor      
  Shielded, Three Conductor      
  5/8KV EPR/PVC      
  Hook-Up - Military      
bullet MIL-W-16878   bullet MIL-W-22759
  16878/1 Type B     22759/11
  16878/2 Type C     22759/16
  16878/3 Type D     22759/18
  16878/4 Type E     22759/32
  16878/5 Type EE     22759/33
  16878/6 Type ET     22759/34
bullet MIL-W-76B   bullet Aircraft Hook-Up Wire
  LW 300 Volt     MIL-W-5086/1
  MW 1000 Volt     MIL-W-5086/2
  HW 2500 Volt      
  Hook-Up - UL Style      
  UL 1007/1569     UL 1422 & 1423
  UL 1015     UL 1452
  UL 1028, 1283, 1284     UL 1429
  UL 1061     UL 1430 & 3317
  UL 1180     UL 1431
  UL 1213      
  IMSA Cable      
  IMSA 19-1     IMSA 50-2
  IMSA 20-1     IMSA 51-5
  IMSA 20-3      
  Instrumentation Cable      
bullet Paired Overall Shield PVC   bullet Triads Overall Shield PVC
  300V, 20 to 18 AWG     300V
  300V, 16 AWG     600V
  600V, 18 to 16 AWG      
  600V, 14 AWG   bullet Triads Indiv. & OA Shield PVC
bullet Paired Indiv. & OA Shield PVC     600V
  300V, 20 to 18 AWG      
  300V, 16 AWG      
  Pairs & Triads Indiv. & OA Shield FREP/CPE      
  LAN Cable      
bullet IBM®   bullet Category 5
  1 & 1A     UTP
  2 & 2A     UTP Patch Cable
  6 & 6A     STP
  9 & 9A     Outdoor Broadband
  Ethernet Trunk Coaxial     Enhanced Cat 5 UTP
  Thinnet Coaxial      
  Ethernet Transceiver   bullet Category 3
  Mining Cable      
bullet Type W   bullet Shovel Cable SHD-GC
  Flat     5 KV
  Round Single Conductor     8 KV
  Round Multi Conductor     15 KV
bullet Type G   bullet Mine Power Feeder MPF-GC
  Flat     5 KV
  Round     8 KV
        15 KV
bullet Type G-GC     Mine Control & Drill Cord
  Motor Lead Wire      
  SIS Switchboard Wire     Hypalon Motor Lead
  DLO Cable, 1000V     XLP - Cross Linked Polyethylene
  DLO Cable, 2000V     EPR - Ethylene Propylene Rubber
  Jumper Cable     EPDM Lead Wire
  Portable Cord      
bullet SO Cord SOW-A/SOW   bullet Pendant & Reel Cable
  18 AWG     18 - 16 AWG
  16 AWG     14 - 10 AWG
  14 AWG      
  12 AWG   bullet Lampcord
  10 AWG     SPT - 1
  8 - 2 AWG     SPT - 2
  SJO Cord SJOW-A/SJOW     Type SJ
  SOOW-A/SOOW     Type SJT
  Stage Lighting Cable     Type SJTO
  Retractable Cord      
bullet Inside UTP   bullet Aerial & Duct-Air Core PE-22
  24 AWG     26 - 24 AWG
  22 AWG     22 - 19 AWG
  Cross Connect     Flexible Terminating Cable
  Jumper Wire     Figure 8 Aerial PE-38
  Riser Cable     Bel Spec Aerial & Duct
  Flat Line Cord     Bel Spec Direct Burial
        Telephone Station Wire
bullet REA Direct Burial      
  26 - 24 AWG PE-39      
  22 - 19 AWG PE-39      
  26 AWG PE-89      
  24 AWG PE-89      
  22 - 19 AWG PE-89      
  24 - 19 AWG PE-54 Dual Jacketed      
  24 - 19 AWG PE-39 Gopher Shield      
  Tray Cable      
bullet VNTC Control Cable   bullet THHN/PVC Power Cable
  18 AWG     w/o Ground 8 AWG to 2/0
  16 AWG     w/o Ground 3/0 to 500 MCM
  14 AWG     w/ Ground 8 AWG to 2/0
  12 AWG     w/ Ground 3/0 to 500 MCM
  10 AWG      
      bullet XLP/PVC Power Cable
bullet XLP/PVC Control Cable     w/o Ground 8 AWG to 1/0
  18 AWG     w/o Ground 2/0 to 500 MCM
  16 AWG     w/ Ground 8 AWG to 2/0
  14 AWG     w/ Ground 3/0 to 500 MCM
  12 AWG     XLPO/XLPO Control Cable
  10 AWG     FREP/CPE Power Cable w/ Ground
bullet FREP/CPE Control Cable      
  14 AWG      
  12 AWG      
  10 AWG      
  Welding Cable      
  Class M Extra Flexible     Class K Flexible


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